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The Importance Of Sludge Disposal Highlights The Golden Period Of Industry Development
Sep 07, 2018

In fact, for sludge treatment and disposal, the relevant State departments issued a series of policy measures.

For example, previously released "Water 10" has been stressed that the level and above municipal sludge harmless disposal rate should be more than 90% before the end of 2020. In order to speed up the sludge treatment, "Thirteen-Five" period, the central government will invest 200 billion yuan in sewage treatment plant sludge disposal, in the sludge disposal technology, the continuous breakthrough and policy driven by the sludge treatment and disposal industry is about to usher in the blue sea market. With the policy guidance, China's sludge treatment industry market demand has been released.

It is predicted that the sludge production will reach more than 80 million tonnes in 2020, according to the effective treatment rate of sewage. According to the current situation of sludge treatment in China, from planning to punishment standard, then to charge policy and market profit mode, the "Thirteen-Five" golden period of sludge treatment has been reached. According to the prospective Industrial Research Institute, "China Sludge treatment and disposal of deep research and Investment analysis report," The Sludge treatment project market will reach about 60 billion, the operating market size of about 30 billion to 40 billion, the overall scale will create another hundred billion environmental segment market.

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