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The Adjustment Of The Separation Factors Of Sludge Dewatering Machine According To Stoke's Law
Sep 07, 2018

Vg = D2 (ρp-ρ1) g/(18η)

vg-gravity sedimentation rate, m/s;

D-solid particle diameter, m;

ρp-solid particle density, kg/m3;

ρ1-liquid phase density, kg/m3;

η-liquid phase viscosity, KG/M.S;

G-G, 9.81m/s2;

The formula of centrifugal sedimentation can be obtained from the above equation:

VC=D2 (ρp-ρ1) rω2/(18η)

vc-centrifugal settling rate, R-Centrifugal radius, ω angular velocity, ω=2πn/60,n-r/min

According to the formula that only centrifuge radius r and angular velocity Ω reached a certain value, in the centrifuge limited space, the shortest possible time to obtain satisfactory settlement effect, so hope to get better sludge treatment effect, centrifuge high-speed rotation is inevitable. The separation factor indicates the strength of the centrifugal force field, which is controlled by adjusting the rotational speed of the centrifuge. Improve the separation factor, so that the production capacity and separation effect increased, but also increased power consumption and drum and spiral wear, should be in the lower separation factor to meet the production capacity and separation requirements, this data please refer to the equipment description and actual operating conditions to determine, The centrifuge speed control should be based on the normal and stable operation of the equipment and the effect of the normal sludge dewatering process.

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