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Industrial Washing
Sep 07, 2018

Industrial dewatering machine is generally a three-legged cantilever structure, three-foot spring-loaded, to avoid the load imbalance caused by vibration. The inner shell is made of stainless steel plate and durable. Brake is generally used to brake opening and closing arm,, braking performance is good, safe and reliable.

The use of triangular tape drive, driven by the motor starting wheel, slowly starting to normal speed, smooth operation without vibration.

Parameter introduction

Main technical characteristics of industrial dewatering machine:

The three-legged suspension structure is adopted, which has better suspension effect.

Under the axle is equipped with the starting wheel structure, when starting to gradually accelerate the inner bladder, can not overload the motor.

The inner liner is calibrated by balance, running smoothly, safe and reliable. Stable braking, high dehydration rate, easy to operate.

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