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Control Of Equipment Handling Capacity Of Centrifugal Sludge Dewatering Machine
Sep 07, 2018

Any centrifugal sludge dewatering machine has a maximum processing capacity requirements, this requirement has two aspects of data reference guidance:

A, the maximum can handle the dry solid load, that is, the maximum non-volatile solid solid weight processed per hour, to KGDS (dry solid)/h expression;

B, the maximum capacity to handle the hydraulic load, that is, the flow of sludge into the equipment, measured in H, it and the concentration (solid content) of the product is a dry solid load. In the case of normal sludge concentration, it should be ensured that the maximum processing dry solid load in the equipment factory trademark equipment theoretical load of 70%-90% is good, to avoid equipment utilization is too low, while avoiding the equipment long-term operation under high load, resulting in equipment loss speed, maintenance cycle shortened. In the case of excessive equipment load, in any case increase the amount of flocculant, will not improve the treatment effect, performance is not ideal for mud biscuits, supernatant liquid carrying solids high, recovery rate decreased, due to the sediment overflow carried by the supernatant caused by equipment wear, dynamic balance damage, vibration intensified. In some cases, due to the increase in sludge concentration, in accordance with the original flow into the mud, the actual feed load exceeded the equipment's acceptable load index to reduce the processing effect.

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