What are the measures of sewage treatment in environmental protection?
Sep 07, 2018

Environmental protection has become the national policy of sustainable development of China's economy, therefore, sewage treatment should conform to the environmental protection regulations and policies formulated by our country. In the planning and design of environmental protection, it is necessary to combine the production viewpoint with the ecological concept and environmental protection, and combine the treatment of sewage with the improvement of the production process and the implementation of clean production.

The main principles of environmental management of sewage treatment are summed up in the following points:

(1) For some of the traditional, low-value, sewage treatment of the most difficult waste products should be determined to use high value, high-tech products replaced.

(2) Strengthen management, reduce pollution management is also an important factor in the prevention and control of pollution.

(3) The establishment of regional small-scale sewage treatment plant to the plant relatively concentrated place, do not apply "who pollution, who governance" principle, but should strengthen the links between enterprises, the overall consideration of pollution control measures

(4) Improve the water recycling efficiency

(5) Recycling and utilization

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