Vibration Discharge Centrifugal Equipment Introduction
Sep 28, 2018

Horizontal vibrating centrifuge

The horizontal vibration centrifuge has various structural forms. Generally, it can be divided into buffer system, transmission system, lubrication system and body parts.

The buffer system generally uses rubber springs to provide vibration isolation, vibration damping and vibration limiting.

The transmission system includes the transmission of two movements: one is the transmission of the centrifugal rotary motion; the other is the transmission of the axial reciprocating vibration on the screen basket. The centrifugal rotary motion is mainly generated by the rotation of the main motor, and is transmitted to the screen blue through the pulley, the belt, and the bearing. The vibrational inertial force is generated by the rotational motion of the pair of cam pendulum blocks, and is transmitted to the screen basket through differently shaped rubber springs to form an axial reciprocating motion.

The main purpose of the lubrication system is to lubricate the rotating bearings with oil and reduce the operating temperature of the bearings to maximize the service life of the bearings.

The body parts are the various machined parts and welded parts that make up the machine. Different working conditions have different requirements for the body parts. The centrifugal dewatering machine for coal mines requires the main casing to be lined with wear-resistant materials. The components that are in direct contact with the material such as the basket support are made of wear-resistant material steel. Screen blue is made of stainless steel or special demagnetizing material depending on the medium.

Summary The working principle of the horizontal vibrating centrifuge is: one side is dehydrated by a centrifuge; the other side is moved by the vibration inertial force.

Vertical vibrating centrifuge

The structure of the vertical vibrating centrifuge is similar to that of a horizontal centrifuge, except that the arrangement of the distribution is not the same. The screen blue of the vertical centrifuge is placed vertically. Its working principle is that the material enters the bottom of the centrifuge basket through the feed chute. Under the action of friction, it gradually accelerates and reaches the same speed as the basket. Because the screen basket is still doing vertical vibration while doing the rotary motion. Therefore, under the action of this vibration force, the material moves upward along the screen wall until reaching the top end and entering the discharge area. The whole process is the same as the horizontal vibrating dehydration centrifuge to achieve centrifugal dewatering of the material and continuous flow discharge.

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