Technical principle of sludge dewatering machine
Sep 07, 2018

New separation technology: The combination of spiral pressure and static and dynamic ring has formed a new separation technology of concentration and dehydration, which has added an advanced dewatering mode choice for China's Environmental protection wastewater treatment field. Energy saving, water saving: Because the static and dynamic ring continuous dislocation can achieve the role of self-cleaning in the tube to achieve the purpose of the filter gap is not easy to plug, replacing the old generation of filter cloth, belt filter plate of high-pressure flushing, greatly saving industrial water (13000 tons of water saving per year). 

The low speed operation of the main helical shaft (3-5 RPM) reduces the mechanical wear of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment. Main electromechanical consumption ≦1.1kw/hr, stand-alone power saving up to 50,000 degrees/year. Double the processing Volume: The second generation of the dewatering machine was twice times more than the first-generation dewatering machine. A 303 unit can solve 10,000 tons of sewage sludge production (120-150 tons) and can be designed to support the process of deep dewatering of sludge to 50-40%, a single set of processes can be solved 130,000 tons of wastewater treatment capacity. Domestic first: The adjustment plate adopts the elastic automatic adjustment, naturally balances the internal pressure of the sludge in the Dewatering section, and more effectively ensures the service life of the static and dynamic ring dispatch tablets. Green Environmental protection: The whole machine seal operation, but also can directly observe, shell disassembly convenient, no sewage leakage, no two pollution, noise ≦ 45 decibels, make the sludge room environment beautiful, civilized production. Ring Dispatch type Sludge dewatering machine without filter cloth filter hole and other plug original: safe and simple operation, according to the customer's operating time period situation. Combined with automatic control system, can be programmed to achieve automatic unattended (should have a considerable amount of sludge).

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