Sludge Dehydrator Workflow
Sep 07, 2018

1, sludge tank in the sludge through the sludge pump, is transported to the metering tank, through the adjustment of the liquid level adjustment in the metering tank to regulate the amount of mud, excess sludge through the return tube back to the sludge tank.

2, sludge and flocculant in the flocculation mixing tank, through the mixer to fully mix to form alum flower, the ideal alum flower diameter of about 5mm.

3, Alum Flower in the enrichment department through Gravity concentration, a large number of filtrate from the concentrated part of the filter seam discharged.

4, concentrated sludge along the direction of rotation of the spiral axis continue to advance, in the back pressure plate formed under the action of full dehydration.

5, after the dehydration of the mud cake from the back plate and spiral body formed by the gap discharge. The water content of the sludge and the mud cake can be adjusted by adjusting the rotational speed of the screw shaft and the gap of the back platen.

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