Pulley Drum Conveyor Belt System Auxiliary Equipment Supply
Mar 27, 2019

Pulley Drum Conveyor Belt System Auxiliary Equipment Supply

Product Description:

Pulley Series Introduction

Conveyor Pulleys are produced generally according to customers demand & the application condition, in general, it is built according to customer's drawing. TOPROLL pulley design is based on the finite element analysis and experience, each pulley will pass through precision tests before fabrication. Tests are based on pressure, tension, deformation, thermal load, vibration, and noise within a simulated work environment.

Conveyor Pulleys have a wide range of high quality standard laggings to increase the friction coefficient between pulley and belt. In the humid, sultry or freezing conditions, choose the correct lagging to improve conveyor efficiency, improve guidance and prolong the service life of the pulley and belt. TOPROLL lagging has a full range of designs, patterns, and materials which can improve almost all conveyor system operation.

All Pulleys can achieve static balance G40, and can design dynamic balance according to customer demand. Dynamic balance can reach G6.3.JZCREATION also has the ability to provide the pulley with special structure, such as a heavy buffer pulley, drum type pulley, etc. Also can accommodate special designs and processing according to application occasion and function.

PD and PB Series Conveyor Pulley

PD and PB series pulleys are normal conveyor types, driving pulley (PD) shaft dimensions (L3 and D3) can be designed according to customer request; specify the pulley type and shaft dimensions when ordering. All dimensions can also be processed according to the customer's order diagram.

PC Series Dead Shaft Pulley

In the dead shaft pulley, the bearing housing is on the end plate of the pulley. The pulley rotates together with the belt while running, and the shaft is fixed. The installation and disassembly are convenient, and the installation space requirement is small. Commonly used as changing belt conveyor running state in special position. The loading capacity with the same shaft dimension is higher than other traditional pulleys.

PSC Series Cleaning Pulley

The cleaning pulley prevents carrying material to add pressure and abrasion on the conveyor belt at conveyor bend pulley location. It also improves the belt service life, and has a good cleaning effect on the belt adhesive material. Cleaning pulleys use unique structural design, autowelding device, and excellent welding quality, eliminating stress force through heat annealing, small residue stress force, and long service life.

We are able to manufacture & deliver the specified products timely with good quality. Quality assurance. Production Schedule Assurance. Customized Products Available.


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