Portable centrifugal pump skid
Mar 17, 2019

Portable centrifugal pump skid


The water supply skid can be used as auxiliary facility of cementing job individually, or supply recirculating power to water mixing tank. It can be classified to electrical driven and engine driven.

Water tank skid


The design of water mixing skid is applicable for oilfield batch mixing water, spacer fluid, etc.

The tank is surrounded by reinforced steel plates with hem; which reduces the weight of tank with ensuring strength.

The lift point on top and forklift hole at bottom are convenient for hoisting and transporting.

The recirculating centrifugal pump can adopt electric driven or hydraulic driven.

Adopt electric driven to be applicable for Zone-II area, certification can be provided.

Two high power agitators installed in tank, electric drive or hydraulic drive are optional.

Simple ejector and hopper mounted on the recirculation line, easy for addition of various dry additives

Movable Cementing Bulk Mixing Skid


The unit is applicable for mixing cementing bulk cement, additives and all kinds of dry powder mixtures. Skid-mounted equipment is more applicable for cementing in remote oilfield, such as desert (with air compressor).

bulk mixing skid is mainly composed of two independent skids: master mixing skid and air compressor skid. The master mixing skid mainly consists of the following components: material compound tank, mixing tank, measuring tank, process pipeline, control pipeline and skid frame. In order to meet the requirements of road transportation, the design for master skid frame considers the mode of transportation and installation for split skid blocks.

The electronic scale and the transducer components have functions of compensation and adjustment, which ensure them applicable for all-weather-grade field operations. The control system adopts industrial computer and operable display which are more adaptive to oilfield environment. The control system can finish the all operations automatically after being setup the layer and amount of each layer. The computer can save the whole process of main job data and print them out.

New advanced bulk mixing method, multi-layer lying in measuring tank, multi-cycle between measuring tank and mixing tank.

Sample ports reserved on outlet pipe for auto sampling automatically.

Auto valves installed in mixing area can be switched to manual mode in case of emergency.

Pneumatic valve has function of indicator lamp self checking.

Weighing system of tank has capability of wind loading resistance.

Roof dust collector can eliminate material waste completely and obtain more accurate proportion.

Roof dust collector is connected by union, with installation of skid frame which are more convenient for dismantling and transporting.

Control mode can be switched, auto/manual, accurately and effectively control job procedure, ensure the quality of bulk mixing.

Monitor the equipment operation and acquire the job data automatically by the advanced electronics and computer, ensure the accuracy of data acquisition.

Flash operating screen, check the valve position directly, easy for field maintenance.

High efficiency dust removal, reach the environmental protection standard.


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