PAC Polymer Dosing Machine Working Principle
Mar 10, 2019

PAC Polymer Dosing Machine Working Principle

1. Adding dry polymer into the hopper, the polymer later will be sent to the pre-soaking part by dosing device,

then opening the water inlet so the polymer will drop into the mixing tank by gravity.

2. Initial Polymer solution will flow into the homogeneous slaking tank through the overflow, after a certain time of low-speed stirring, 

the solution will be homogeneous, curing and active, by then the solution will flow into the storage tank and it is ready for feeding.

3. When the storage tank is full, the liquid level switch gives signals and the polymer dosing device and solenoid valve will shut down automatically.

At this point the dissolved solution is ready, and the indicator for "Ready" is on.

4. Open the dilution water valve when starting the polymer feeding pump, then the constant concentration solution will be diluted to the required concentration

according to the actual usage, and then the solution can be poured into the required equipment.

5. Once the liquid level of the storage tank reaches the low position set earlier, the liquid level switch will give signals,

and the system will repeat step 1, 2 and 3 above automatically to ensure the quantity of the solution.

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