Operation management principle of sludge dehydrator
Sep 07, 2018

1. Sludge dewatering machine processing capacity control in a suitable range, combined with sludge flow, flocculant flow and margin adjustment, to avoid the sudden increase in load caused by the equipment overload system frequent fluctuations and affect the processing effect, at the same time can achieve greater equipment processing efficiency;

2. Sludge concentration changes in time to adjust the flocculant flow rate and differential speed, both to ensure that the treatment effect and avoid waste, the sludge flow increased or sludge concentration increased, the flocculant flow tracking increased, the difference rate correspondingly increased; the sludge flow decreased or the sludge concentration decreased, the flocculant flow tracking decreased and the difference velocity decreased correspondingly;

3. Flocculant does not have the best, only the most suitable, flocculant model and consumption depends on both the quality of the agent and the nature of the sludge match, but also depends on the type of equipment and operating conditions of the match, only three to get the best operating combination, in order to achieve the lowest flocculant consumption, the best treatment results and the highest processing efficiency.

4. The MUD cookie degree performance must combine the torque data to determine the optimal difference velocity numerical range, in principle does not cause the centrifuge to jam and satisfies the processing ability situation to use the lower margin to achieve the better processing effect and saves the flocculant consumption.

5. All on-site management and operations personnel to do the work is: continuous observation, timely adjustment and good at summing up, as far as possible in the various changes can be found in all the parameters of the best, relatively stable perfect match. In general, this kind of observation and adjustment of the best 1-2 hours should be carried out once, to strictly avoid the equipment running after the operating parameters persist for a long time or a shift without any adjustment of the situation appears, the field operator lazy or not strong sense of responsibility is caused by the sludge dewatering Workshop long-term operating efficiency is not high, One of the main reasons to deal with the fluctuation of effect and waste of drug consumption.

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