Municipal Sludge Treatment Sludge Dewatering Machine for Wastewater Treatment
Jan 17, 2019

Municipal Sludge Treatment Sludge Dewatering Machine for Wastewater Treatment

1. Jam Resistance

Low volume of flush water required so as to save the water cost and lower the internal circulation burden caused by the flush water. 

2. Less Covering Space

Electric control panel, flocculation Mixing tank and the dewatering body are integrated as one. So as to save the covering

space which makes the installing much easier. 

3. Better Working Environment

This equipment adopts closed operation mode. It treats the sludge stably and in time. The advantage of reducing the smell

on spot provides a better working environment for the workers. 

4. Easy to Operate, Easy to Maintain

Realize automatic operation for 24hours so as to release the operation staff from heavy labor. And the design is convenient

for daily maintenance. 

5. Cost Saving

The screw shaft operates in low speed which consumes little power. Vibration or noise are both hardly existed on spot. 

6. No Secondary Pollution

Small amount of water is needed for self-cleaning. Sludge runs in low speed condition. The smell won't spread. 

7. Well-designed Frame

The design is quite flexible as it uses machinery to extrusion dewatering and large drum is not needed. The frame is made of

stainless steel while only the screw shaft and moveable annular plates should be replaced, which contribute to a long lifespan. 

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