Main structure of belt sludge dewatering machine
Sep 30, 2018

The main structure of the belt sludge dewatering machine is: filter belt, roller cylinder, filter belt tensioning system, filter belt control system, filter belt washing system and filter belt drive. Commonly used belt sludge dewatering machines are general-purpose belt sludge dewatering machines, powerful belt sludge dewatering machines, super-strength belt sludge dewatering tanks, and heavy-duty belt sludge for industrial production. Dehydration. When selecting a model, the main points to consider are: 1 filter belt: the filter belt needs to be selected according to the properties of sludge concentration, acidity and alkalinity. * Select the appropriate filter according to its tensile strength * temperature resistance and other characteristics. The belt gives it good air permeability and interception performance. 2. Belt speed: Concentration * Acid and alkalinity Different sludges have different requirements on belt speed. Any sludge has a reasonable and controllable belt speed range. In this range, the processing capacity of the system can be obtained. Better protection* can also greatly improve the smoothness of machine operation

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