Industrial dewatering machine introduction
Oct 07, 2018


The industrial dewatering machine is generally a three-legged pendulum structure with three legs with springs to avoid uneven load.

The vibration generated by the balance. The inner casing is made of stainless steel and is durable. The brake is generally equipped with a brake opening and closing arm, which has good braking performance and is safe and reliable. Adopting the triangular tape transmission, the motor starts the starting wheel, and slowly starts to the normal speed, and the operation is stable without vibration.

Parameter introduction

Main technical features of industrial dewatering machine:

1. It adopts three-legged suspension structure and has better shock-absorbing effect.

2. The starting wheel structure is installed under the shaft. When starting, the inner tank is gradually accelerated, so that the motor is not overloaded.

3. The inner tank is balanced and stable, safe and reliable.

4. Smooth braking, high dehydration rate and easy operation.

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