Industrial dewatering machine construction principle
Oct 09, 2018

The stacking screw body of the dehydrator is a filter device formed by a fixed ring and a swimming ring stacked on each other, and a screw shaft is formed therein. The front part is a concentrated part, and the rear part is a dewatering part. The filter slit formed between the fixed ring and the swimming ring and the pitch of the screw shaft gradually become smaller from the concentrating portion to the dewatering portion. The rotation of the screw shaft promotes the transport of the sludge from the enrichment section to the dewatering section, and also continuously drives the swimming ring to clean the filter joint to prevent clogging. After the sludge is concentrated by gravity in the enrichment section, it is transported to the dehydration section. During the advancement process, as the filter joint and the pitch gradually become smaller, and the back pressure plate blocks, a large internal pressure is generated, and the volume is continuously reduced. To achieve the goal of adequate dehydration

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