How the sludge dewatering machine Works
Sep 07, 2018

1, plate-Frame sludge dewatering machine: In a closed state, through the high-pressure pump into the sludge through the plate frame extrusion, so that the water in the sludge through the filter cloth discharge, to achieve dehydration.

2, Belt Sludge dewatering machine: From the upper and lower two tension of the filter belt with the sludge layer, from a series of regular arrangement of the roller pressure cylinder in the S-shaped through, depending on the tension of the filter belt to form the sludge layer of the press and shear force, the sludge layer of the capillary squeeze out, so as to achieve sludge dehydration.

3, Centrifugal sludge dewatering machine: From the reprint and with hollow shaft of the screw conveyor composition, sludge from the hollow shaft into the rotary cylinder, in the high-speed rotation produced by the centrifugal force, production is thrown into the drum cavity. Because the specific gravity is different, the solid-liquid separation is formed.

Under the impetus of the screw conveyor, the sludge is transported to the cone driven by outlet of the drum, and the liquid of the liquid ring layer is discharged by the pressure from the weir mouth continuous and "overflow" to the drum outside by gravity.

4, Stacked Sludge dewatering machine: From the fixed ring, swimming ring overlapping layer, spiral axis through the formation of the filter body. By gravity concentration and sludge in the propulsion process by the internal pressure formed by the back plate to achieve full dehydration, filtrate from the fixed ring and the active ring formed by the filter seam discharged, mud cake from the end of the dehydration department.

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