Cementing instrument van
Mar 16, 2019

Cementing instrument van

Cementing instrument van is applicable for cementing job on land oilfield. It can realize monitoring the whole process of cementing job; centralized control multiple auto mixing equipments; can design the cementing job; can not only real time acquire, display and record the data of whole process cementing, but also process, record and store the job data and then print out job data and curve. The cementing instrument van is composed of chassis, cabin, damping system, power system, communication system, air conditioning system, computer data acquisition system, well head data wireless & wire transmitting device, wire data acquisition system and auto mixing control system, cementing design software, etc. It can work for long time under the environment of -20°C~50°C.

The main technical parameters and performance, such as carborne performance, load distribution and non-grade highway property of equipment, all meet national industry standard and legislation requirement


Data acquisition and processing software SERVAview™ for cementing Wellhead data wireless/wire transmission system Wellhead data storage system ACM-lll/V/IV.1 wire data acquisition system ACM-V auto mixing control system Cementing design software

3.Optional configuration

Can be equipped with generator, UPS, or choose chassis battery to supply power.

Wellhead high pressure manifold, high pressure flowmeter, pressure transducer, radioactive densitometer. Transmit data via satellite communication or GPRS.

Motorola communication system.

Moveable/elevating camera and auxiliary control equipments.

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