Ce ISO Plastic Washing Plant Dewatering Machine for Plastic
Jan 14, 2019

Ce ISO Plastic Washing Plant Dewatering Machine for Plastic 

PE PP Plastic Films Dewatering Machine Brief Descriptions

PE PP Plastic Films Dewatering Machine uses centrifugal force to partially remove water

from a flowing stream of material. It has the unique ability to take in material with high

water content and reducing to low levels. When used in our PE film washing line or PET

bottle washing line, the dewatering machine is first in a series of machines.

The dewatering machine or horizontal centrifuge is actually very similar to a friction

washer. That is, at the center of both machines is a long shaft mounted with many panels or

paddles. Surrounding this fast spinning shaft is a mesh screen tunnel. The entire apparatus

is encased in a metal container where an electric motor is externally mounted.

As material is fed into the vertical feeder, the shaft spins at nearly 1,000 rotations per

minute. The material within is continuously thrown outwards against the mesh screen tunnel.

Water that pass through the mesh tunnel is collected for recycling while the plastic moves

onto the next drying equipment, usually a thermal dryer. Usually speaking, a dewatering

machine can lower moisture content to roughly 20-30%.

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