Belt sludge dewatering machine working principle
Oct 01, 2018

The water-containing sludge enters the sludge agitation and agglomeration for a certain period of time before passing through the separation, and then enters the sludge of the belt sludge dewatering machine. After the sludge is evenly distributed in the dewatering zone, the drainage and gravity act. The double guide moves under dehydration. The sludge is treated with dewatering to form an angled layer. After secondary dewatering by pressure filtration, the free water component is minimized, and the filter belt is advanced, and the two filter belts are pushed up and down during the advancement process. The pressure gradually hardens, and then enters the squeeze water area after the pre-pressure dewatering of the filter roll, and the water is filtered out by the shearing force alternately generated by the filter belt after repeated pressing in the press section. After the scraping, the sludge enters and is transported to the sludge storage.

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