Belt sludge dewatering machine system operation sequence
Oct 04, 2018

(1) Start air compressor, flushing pump, main drive of the concentrated section, main drive of the filter press section, with air running.

(2) Start the dosing pump, sludge pump, control the dosing flowmeter, adjust the speed of the dosing pump accordingly, so that the sludge flocculates into an optimal state. This process is based on the test data at the beginning, and should be adjusted according to the flocculation situation.

(3) Observe the condition of the mud cloth, gravity dewatering, and adjust the electric valve to control the amount of mud.

(4) Adjust the feed flow rate and the height of the material control board, observe the effect of flocculation and gravity dewatering, and adjust the dosing flow rate to obtain the minimum dosing flow rate under the best flocculation effect.

(5) Observe the filter cake discharge thickness, the filter cake moisture content, adjust the sludge feed amount, the filter belt tension, the concentration section, and the filter belt filter belt running speed to obtain the maximum production amount.

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