Belt sludge dewatering machine boot sequence
Oct 05, 2018

(1) Close the power switch QF and lock the electric cabinet door, the power is turned on, and the signal light is on. The automatic dosing device is in operation.

(2) Check whether the fault alarm device and emergency stop button in the machine protection system are sensitive and reliable. After the protection system is normal, open the corresponding valve on the pipeline, and set the working mode selection switch to the “manual” working mode to perform the following operations. .

(3) Press the “Air compressor” button, the air compressor starts, the cylinder moves, and the filter belt starts to tighten. It takes about 5 minutes. Confirm that the gas pressure gauge of the gas control box indicates that the pressure is normal and the tension pressure is normal.

(4) Press the “flush pump” start button and the flush pump starts. Press the “Pressing section start” and “concentration section start” buttons to start the main drive. At the same time, the correction starts to work, and the mechanical stepless speed governor of the reducer is adjusted (note: the motor stop state is strictly prohibited). From slow to fast, observe the operation of the filter belt and determine the running speed of the filter belt. Generally, the working speed range of the concentrated section is 20~80%, and the working speed range of the filter press section is 40~90%.

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